Hello, I’m Nadine Slavinski, a teacher, writer, sailor, and former archaeologist. Growing up reading National Geographic magazine and Thor Heyerdahl’s adventures in the likes of Kon-Tiki and Fatu Hiva, I caught the travel bug and have been drawn to distant horizons ever since.

At nineteen, I took off on my first big independent adventure, biking around Europe for seven months. That eventually led me to write several bicycle touring guides (see below). Later travels took me to various corners of the globe to work, volunteer, or simply wander. I’ve always dreamed of sailing across oceans, and I finally made that a reality in my 30s and 40s when my husband and I sailed our 35 foot sloop across the Atlantic and Pacific with our young son, living aboard and home schooling for a total of four years.

We swallowed the anchor in 2014 to let our son finish middle and high school on land. Now, as a fifty-something empty nester, I still love exploring, traveling, and most of all, experiencing new places and activities in a unique way. Sometimes, that means a long weekend of snowshoeing in the Dolomites. Other times, it means faraway places and bigger endeavors. Often, I travel with my husband or son, but I also enjoy solo travel. All in all, traveling helps me meet my goal of living an active, interesting life filled with new adventures and discoveries.

I’m guessing you can relate, so enjoy browsing the TravelBug.blog and finding inspiration for your own adventures, getaways, and escapes to unusual destinations!

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